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Earl Watson, NBA

In being a professional athlete it is very important to work on weaknesses of the body. Especially the core area! Pilates not only naturally strengthens the core but also keeps the body completely balanced! In a result I find myself on the court confident physically that I have prepared my body for the rigors of a full NBA season and that I am more than physically prepared to perform at a high level! Which in result Pilates strengthens the mind, keeping my mental and physical balanced as one! Product of DETERMINATION!

Jarvis Hayes, NBA

Pilates helped me in so many areas, when I first started with Deborah. I didn’t have the flexibility I needed to compete at a high level, but after one session I could already start feeling the effects. It also helped me mentally in that it helped me control my breathing, and a sense of calmness in any situation. Pilates is a great way to stay fit for non- athletes and a great way to help athletes who need help to take their careers to the next level.


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