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Life Long Pilates Inc.



Life Long Pilates Inc is an upscale Pilates studio that was founded and designed for people who are serious about revolutionizing their physical, mental, and spiritual existence. Life Long Pilates offers more than physical transformation, we offer peace of mind as well.

Beyond Pilates, we offer healthy food to-go for busy individuals. From raw organic blended green drinks to freshly prepared meals, we enable our clients to stay energized with proper and complete nutrition, without missing a beat on jam-packed days. What are you waiting for? If you think you're ready to transform not only your body, but your entire lifestyle too, come on in or call for an appointment!

Deborah Watkins

Master Instructor Deborah Watkins, Owner of Life Long Pilates Inc, lives for making a positive contribution to the lives of those who want more for themselves. Regardless of your experience in the world of fitness, you've never experienced the transformation of mind, body, and soul that transpires in a single private session with Deb. She prides herself on making each individual session extremely personalized and fun. With an emphasis on form rather than repetition and intensity, Deborah has a deep-rooted appreciation of Pilates as an art form rather than just a repetitive physical routine.


  • 25 Years of Experience . Pilates certified through the PhysicalMind Institute & Pilates Method Alliance.

  • AA from Santa Monica College, Associates Degree in Anatomy, continuing education towards a BA in Health & Wellness from Kaplan University.

  • Previous experiences include Physical Therapy practitioner & Spinning instructor


Deborah continues to attend workshops all over the world, collect her Continuing Education Credits, and further her teaching methods through the training of new Pilates instructors. 



Deb has extensive experience working with a range of clients, including children, hip replacement patients, pregnant women, rotator cuff injuries, sciatic/lower back name it, she's done it. Her high-end clientele include Professional Athletes, Actors, Directors, and Producers. Read her testimonials here!

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In being a professional athlete it is very important to work on weaknesses of the body. Especially the core area! Pilates not only naturally strengthens the core but also keeps the body completely balanced! In a result I find myself on the court confident physically that I have prepared my body for the rigors of a full NBA season and that I am more than physically prepared to perform at a high level! Which in result Pilates strengthens the mind, keeping my mental and physical balanced as one! Product of DETERMINATION!

Earl Watson, NBA


Pilates helped me in so many areas, when I first started with Deborah. I didn’t have the flexibility I needed to compete at a high level, but after one session I could already start feeling the effects. It also helped me mentally in that it helped me control my breathing, and a sense of calmness in any situation. Pilates is a great way to stay fit for non- athletes and a great way to help athletes who need help to take their careers to the next level.

Jarvis Hayes, NBA

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Tel: (310) 745-3894